Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Haunted :: A La Tête :: Le Deuxième

May I present the second haunted chapeau from the weekend: a classic green 1950s beanie. Love this because it is so wearable. No hemming or hawing -- no looking costume-y. Just easy style. Personally, I am a big beret person, and it's nice to keep the signature beret shape and have the structure of a proper hat.

This soft green integrates well into my fall color palette -- I never realized that I had one until Kitty pointed it out. Funny, she points out a lot of things that I never realized. The fall palette is one of mauves, browns, heathered soft green, creams and grays. I'm a brunette* with a Scotch-Irish complexion, so it's a classic look with a brown base. I am thinking about debut-ing it in New York. Chic!

*I love the word "brunette". It's so Betty and Veronica.

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Stuart Shea said...

New York? More, more! That's a nice hat.