Saturday, January 2, 2010

Love :: One Card, Three Ways

Talk about the things that make life great!* This holiday, my dad handed each of us -- my brother, his wife, and me -- an identical red envelope. But no, no -- not identical cards! My dad being my dad (and a designer by profession), we opened our envelopes to find customized versions of the same card!

As much as we're into finding and haunting wonderful things At The Meadows, we're even more so into making them.

My card (Chicago skyline, haunted loot and all):

My sister-in-law's card (with the kids -- and a husband):

And my brother's card (he's the ceramist):

And, God is in the details, right?

Check out the pocketbook and those pointy shoes on yours truly --

He knows where I'm headed --

And get a load of the haul! Modernist furniture, red foam roller (gotta roll those hip flexors!), art and he said the green thing is a candelabra -- no doubt!

Such a delightful and thoughtful handmade treat is the ultimate in gift-giving. We were all so delighted by these cards -- best ever!

*What's going on here At The Meadows :: We're talking about everything that makes life great (art, type, design, fashion, entertaining, history), and the places you find everything (the haunts).

Monday, December 28, 2009

Love :: Needlepoint Paperweight

This is the first product of my new needlepoint hobby -- a paperweight for my brother the potter. I have always liked needlepoint, it's so full compared to cross stitch, which was my needlework of choice when I was little. Everybody did cross stitch in Raleigh. Cross stitch or french knotting (natural cotton yarn on natural cotton fabric, of course).

My appreciation of needlepoint stems from the ability to create whatever design I choose -- whatever I design. This design is from a pottery bottle that my brother made about five years ago. I created the design and counted it out on a blank canvas. This was a Christmas present -- a big hit!

Needlepoint has always been big in the trad set, and recently a lot of places have been offering needlepoint accessories, but I could not bring myself to buy a needlepoint key fob with an American flag motif that was made in Vietnam. American flag or no, it just soured me. Is that weird?

So, being one to take matters into her own hands -- this time, quite literally -- I asked my friend from Minooka to show me how to make the stitch. I'm working on another top-secret project... reveal soon!

Friday, December 25, 2009

One More Good Thing About Christmas

Says it all!

Merry Christmas from a Happy Santa

Merry Christmas!

Love a little sparkle on Christmas! Happiness to you and yours!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Monday, December 21, 2009

Love :: Christmas Show at the Music Box Theatre

Every few years a friend will suggest the Music Box's Christmas Show, and I always bite. It's a great way to enjoy the holidays in Chicago!

Walk in to the Mediterranean-inspired theater, blue painted skies, lanterns, tiles and even a fountain. This is an old-school theater. There are twinkling stars on the ceiling of the main theater and clouds are projected as well. Though my friend thought there were fewer stars than in the past, and the clouds were a little sloppy. The ante-lobby is all decked-out for Christmas --

In line with all the people in Santa caps and reindeer antlers you enter the main theater lobby, where members of the Chicago Chamber Choir sing carols next to a huge tree.

I went for the double feature -- White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life -- which I had never done before. I'm kind of a White Christmas girl -- "the best things happen while you're dancing," they say (though there are parts about knights on white chargers that make me a little ill). But, my friend suggested the double feature, and I was game. I only saw It's a Wonderful Life for the first time about ten years ago, and I don't ever really watch it, so it's still fresh for me.

Between shows photos of Chicago Christmases past are projected on the screen, courtesy of the Chicago History Museum. There were some great ones. This one is of ladies making holiday wreaths --

There was also one of a horse-drawn snowplow! And the Christmas shoppers on State Street looked amazing similar to today (save the outfits, of course). They were laden with packages.

Before each movie, those carolers from the lobby would come in and sing a couple of tunes with the organist (remember -- old-school theater) to warm up the crowd. And after "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" is over -- if we sang loud enough -- guess who comes out!!

Santa leads the whole theater in song, with the carol lyrics projected on the screen. Some of these lyric pages look like they are from 1968. And people bring sleighbells to jingle as they sing.

My personal favorites are the parodies -- there was a song to the tune of "My Favorite Things", and "I'm Dreaming of a Chicago Christmas", which reminds old-timers and regales the newcomers of Field's windows, Frango mints and Uncle Mistletoe (and here), as well as memories of when the Berghoff served a meal with care -- ouch!

At during this last carol, a snowstorm is projected onto the screen, and the movie starts. The sleighbells are reprised when Clarence gets his wings!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Festive Magnolia Garland with Fruit

Loved seeing this building today! You can't go wrong with magnolia and fruit. And check out underneath the arch! And on a quiet side street to boot.