Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quintets and Trinities

Today was my first time at the Women's Athletic Club (WAC) in Chicago. I was fortunate enough to be invited to a performance sponsored by the Chicago Chamber Music Society. Quintet Attacca performed four pieces, including two that were Latin-inspired. Quintet Attacca is:

Jennifer Clippert, flute
Barbara Drapcho, clarinet

Erica Anderson, oboe
Collin Anderson, bassoon

Jeremiah Frederick, horn

The WAC was formed in 1898 as the first club for women in the United States -- and it did not disappoint. I wanted so badly to take a few inconspicuous snaps of the small ballroom, but I couldn't bring myself do it. As if it would have ruined it. But the room was gorgeous. Art Deco to the hilt, and all around the perimeter of the room was a banquet with kelly green upholstered banquette with a black frame. Die!

After the concert, we had lunch in yet another beautiful Art Deco room with silver wallpaper with Asian motifs and silver leaf beams. Stunning, but again, no pics. Sorry! Our post-luncheon excursion was a quick stop at Cartier. Trinity ring, anyone?

The ram skull ornament is on the WAC building on Michigan Avenue. Image credit here. Copyright info here.
And check out Cartier, too!