Monday, December 28, 2009

Love :: Needlepoint Paperweight

This is the first product of my new needlepoint hobby -- a paperweight for my brother the potter. I have always liked needlepoint, it's so full compared to cross stitch, which was my needlework of choice when I was little. Everybody did cross stitch in Raleigh. Cross stitch or french knotting (natural cotton yarn on natural cotton fabric, of course).

My appreciation of needlepoint stems from the ability to create whatever design I choose -- whatever I design. This design is from a pottery bottle that my brother made about five years ago. I created the design and counted it out on a blank canvas. This was a Christmas present -- a big hit!

Needlepoint has always been big in the trad set, and recently a lot of places have been offering needlepoint accessories, but I could not bring myself to buy a needlepoint key fob with an American flag motif that was made in Vietnam. American flag or no, it just soured me. Is that weird?

So, being one to take matters into her own hands -- this time, quite literally -- I asked my friend from Minooka to show me how to make the stitch. I'm working on another top-secret project... reveal soon!

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