Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Haunted :: A La Tête

From the weekend haunting: this very elegant 1960s Italian felt hat with feathers. Even with the high crown (very 60s), I think this is very wearable for fall. Everybody expects one to turn up the volume a little when it gets cooler, and I love wearing luxurious fabrics this time of year. And in Chicago it's not like we get a robust fall... in a few weeks we'll be wishing for sunshine and dealing with the bitterness of gray and wind.

Still, this isn't the type of thing you just run down for a coffee in -- or do you? Probably not, since this hat requires a proper shoe and attire. Definitely heels. With a slick trouser and a fitted jacket or fab sweater and a soft fringed gray shawl. Look out!

As my dear friend the Architect (a reformed hat wearer herself) told me long ago, "when you wear a hat like this, anyone -- and everyone -- will think nothing of walking up to you and striking up a conversation."

I'd better polish up my conversation skills.

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