Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bringing Chicago Home

This spring I made the big decision that I was in Chicago to stay*. This realization put a fire under me to truly embrace this town -- and to integrate its imagery into my personal space. I've always used images and souvenirs of North Carolina (which will always be my home), but I had never really thought about Sweet Home Chicago in the house. It seemed pretty cliché.

But I love to turn around a cliché now and then. This little pillow was surely made by someone's auntie in 1984 (I know because she added her initials and the date), and it could be on the settee right beside one of my Mema's cross-stitched monogram numbers. When I was growing up, embroidered pillows were de rigueur. While my mother was having her cross-stitch moment, there was also a lot of french knotting (natural cord on natural cotton, of course), and my grandmother did quite a bit of needlepoint. At that time, it's what you did.

I was in the cross-stitch camp as a girl, and I've been hot to try my hand at needlepoint. I have tons of books but have never actually tried it. I'm hoping my good friend Martha can help me get started -- she's a needlepoint genius.

This pillow has become one of my favorite little pieces. It's as if Mema decided to bring a little Chicago into the sitting room.

*Add a clapboard beach house on the outer banks, and I will be in heaven.

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M.Lane said...

That is one great pillow! Good luck on the needlepoint.

Thanks for stopping by The Epic. I really like your blog and I look forward to reading your previous posts.


PS. I agree with you the word "brunette" is a great word!