Friday, October 16, 2009

NYC :: String Me Along

I was stopped dead in my tracks by this window at Rockefeller Center! Check out the type!

There's a real absence/presence thing going on here that I love. The outlines of the letterforms are created by connecting nails in the wall with yarn, creating an interesting reference to the digital bezier curves that create typography for printing. The Bodoni face really shines in the execution -- modern faces have thin, hairline serifs, and the yarn is perfect!

Bodoni typeface showing bezier curves.

The colors are spot-on fun-sophistication, and they really pop on the chalkboard-black walls.

Scale is important too -- these letterforms are all pulled together with the same weight yarn and typeface, but they are totally random letter selections. Type as scenery!

Check out how the curves are executed on this "J"!

J. Crew does great window displays. They're creative with design elements (type, color, composition) and use "white space" -- or I would say "empty space" in a 3-D environment -- to create a fun and sophisticated presentation. Kudos!

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InspiredDreamer said...

This is absolutely fantastic! The dichotomy between old and new, craft and modern art... and how funny that most people will just walk right past it without noticing.

Thanks for sharing!