Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Love :: Holiday Wrappings

Christmas wrappings are a fun as Christmas cards, and ever since Martha Stewart put a glitter monogram on a present, it's become a wide-spread hobby, even.

So -- there is something to be said for a pretty present. My rule is that you can't spend too much time. It's important to have a little kit of papers and especially ribbon (satin is my favorite). Some little tags are good too. I like round paper key tags and above you can see a deep red Crane's place card with a white border is doing the job quite nicely. But really, it shouldn't take more that five minutes to wrap. Just show a little love.

And here's a little nugget that I just heard today:

The S&S sisters' mother used to sign the tags on their Christmas presents from their celebrity crushes. Imagine being a twelve-year-old girl and receiving a guitar from Rock Hudson!

Talk about charming -- I'm thinking of trying this. Mastering the Art of French Cooking from Meryl Streep? Brilliant.

Happy wrapping!

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