Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mizrahi Dishes

Just read an article about Isaac Mizrahi's new QVC gig, and these great plates were in the slideshow. The rest of the stuff -- eh. Maybe it's a WWD thing, but the models and merch just looked sad. And when I say WWD thing, I mean a bit unstyled -- fashion at it's most raw, just there on a white wall.

I enjoyed Isaac's commentary much more than the product, he's always a good interview. Very real and pointed. He even alludes to the Liz Claiborne thing of which I am not up to speed about what's going on, but it's making me think I need to do some google-ing. I do think he's very creative, and lives the creative lifestyle. A designer's life -- not fashion designer or fashion -- design as a bigger concept. I always like to see people who live it -- not in terms of their stuff, but about how they live with -- and through -- their process. It's a very different thing.

And on that note, back to the plates. Love the watercolor sketch quality. I find it's hard to make things like this... it's hard to put yourself out there and make it by hand, without the help of a camera or other image-making machine. I wonder if he actually did these sketches or just ideated* it that way. Curious.

Read the WWD article here.

Image: WWD (from the article slideshow)

*yes, this is a real word, or derived from one, anyway... from "ideate", which really means make ideas (sometimes brainstorm). It comes from my design school education.

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