Sunday, November 8, 2009

Debut :: Needlepoint Pocketbook

Yeah, I have a needlepoint pocketbook, what of it?

Seriously, I love this little pocketbook! It's a Koret vintage number (an old maker that I am really into right now -- I'm like a magnet for these little gems lately), with big woolen needlepoint and navy leather with a gold frame top and closure. The inside is lined in bright red leather, imprinted with "Koret" and "Made in Italy". The interesting thing about this bag is that the needlepoint design is different on each side -- and I think the fact that it is the larger stitch style is odd -- you usually see a lot of petit point, but not a lot like this. It's a true beauty!

Today DAR Chicago had one of our Bertha Honoré Palmer Teas in honor of our new members, and it was just perfect with a vintage lavender silk blouse, dark slate blue/green jacket (a fabric with some shimmer) and navy pants -- Talk about popping it with some color! I also sported my favorite homage to my hometown: the dangly acorn bracelet -- Raleigh is the city of oaks!

My mama was in town, and we went haunting everywhere -- she's the one who taught me all I know!

Check it out in action --

Read a little more information about Koret handbags here.

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