Sunday, October 4, 2009

Off the Cuff!

Hey y'all -- went haunting today at a new spot and picked up these glorious little cufflinks.

Let me tell you about this haunt: I had heard about it and driven by a few times, but I only get up to this part of Chicagoland on Sundays, and they're only open on the first Sunday of each month -- today! So, I was pretty happy to stumble upon it and find out that there was a huge vintage jewelry trunk sale today only to boot. They had the jewelry in a separate room. As I tried to just step inside, the young man at the door said "No ma'am -- you have to get a number and check your coat and purse" -- fine, fine. It just seemed that every which way I turned a got a "No, ma'am" or you-can't-do-that kind of thing -- what do you mean, shop in your store?

Anyway, I got over it after telling the shopgirl that "No, no, no" was not something a first-time customer wants to hear... on to the fun:

There was all kinds of jewelry, but all très expensive -- especially for a haunter -- it was retail, after all. I buggied a few items in my little white tray, but in the end put it all back and just got these beauties. I don't wear a lot of jewelry -- usually just pearls and pearl studs or little fat gold hoops, but these will flash up a plain shirt quick. The ladies at the DAR won't know what hit 'em!

More from the haunts all week! Stay tuned!

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ceci said...

Nice!!! Ok, Ms. Cara, what do I need to do to get you to give up the name of this haunt? Maybe I can ply you with a few drinks at Tiny Lounge?