Friday, October 30, 2009

Ms Fab Gets Screened

Oh wow! This incredible iron fireplace screen was a surprise at the haunts today. It has a dull brassy/silver patina over iron, and is very heavy. I love the scrolls integrated with the greek key motif.

Unfortunately, I have no fireplace. Kitty does, though, and I sent her a quick email with the shot above. But I had forgotten that her fireplace has a door. "You should just get it for when you do have a fireplace." Love her.

"What about Ms Fab?"

YES! I had forgotten that Mr and Ms Fab have a fireplace.... Kitty forwarded the image to her, and now...

This fab piece is living with fab people. It's a great foil for their modern furniture. It would have broken my heart to leave this behind!

1 comment:

Stuart Shea said...

looks even better in your photo than in real life!