Thursday, October 22, 2009

Debut :: Aye, We Speak Trad in Chicago

Royal Stewart Tartan -- if I am incorrect, be kind and just let me know, as I'm not a tartan scholar (but this gentleman, apparently is -- and suddenly I care nothing for haunting kilts, but only of ordering one from him). This incredible four-yard kilt was haunted in Chicago and debuted today. The trees are really popping with color now, and with a rainy, gray foggy sky, this was just the punch I needed. Tartan debut!

Though my ancestors were Scottish Kennedys, I feel right at home sporting the Royal Stewart, as one of those Kennedy men married Princess Mary of Scotland. And let me just invite the thousands, nay, millions of other descendants to share in our wearing of a bright red kilt!

Details: Four-yard kilt (read more about eight- and four-yard kilts here) with fringe on the front panel, two black leather straps with buckles, kilt pin in-tact (biggest surprise of the score), and many, many knife pleats in the back. Made in Jedburgh, Scotland by Rannoch Designs.

Hmm, now that I am referencing my handy little book "The Scottish Clans and Their Tartans", I may be wrong. Well, I will keep telling people it is Royal Stewart until a tartan scholar corrects me, and then I will thank him or her for keeping me on the straight and narrow. The little book was given to me by Mema -- the Kennedy herself.

A sartorial Scot --

And the other Scot's footwear --

"Avise la fin" :: Consider the End
Clan Kennedy motto

The only other bit o' motto that resonates with me as much as Clan Kennedy's is "Esse Quam Videri" (to be rather than to seem -- North Carolina's state motto).

But is there a castle? Why yes, Fiona, there is.

And for context, today's weather report -- just like the midlands!*

*Though I understand that this name is out of fashion. The "Central Belt" just doesn't sound very romantic.


M.Lane said...

I loved this post. The tartan, the history, the great book AND the rainy cold Chicago skyline...makes my Clan McLane blood need a wee dram of Macallan!


EsseQuamVideri said...

ML -- we call a wee dram the "Central Belt" on this post.