Saturday, July 4, 2009

Love :: A Patriotic Look

Sometimes having patriotic sartorial flair can come off as costume-y. Personally, I love one item (usually a scarf, sometimes a hat) in red, white, and blue, and a couple of low-key (sometimes vintage) pins or buttons. The ones shown in the photo above are a DAR recognition pin (no better day to be a Daughter), and our DAR Chicago Flag Day pin.

Another way to play it is to wear pieces that are solid but in the right colorway. For instance, dark blue denim pants with a white base of a great tee or white button-down (I love the sleeves rolled up to above the elbows and the collar popped), and a sweater or scarf in red. Either way, navy is a good base... it can cut the "Pollyanna" look (a huge no-no if you are over twelve). And going for color references, not necessarily flag designs and the like, are much more sophisticated.