Friday, June 19, 2009

Wish List :: Stanley Ford's Bachelor Pad

Last night I was surfing through my digital converter box offering (no cable here), and came across this embarrassment of riches. I missed the very beginning of the opening credits, so not until today when I was researching for this post did I find out that the flick is called "How to Murder Your Wife". (gulp!) Jack Lemmon's character, Stanley Ford, is a cartoonist ("Bash Brannigan" is the name of the strip) -- and he is the ultimate bachelor until he impulsively and drunkenly marries a beautiful Italian bombshell who jumped out of a cake at another gentleman's bachelor dinner.

Stanley lives in a townhouse in Manhattan with all the good stuff: a study, a terrace, a bar, incredible cabinetry in the kitchen and his dressing room. And the type in the opening credits ain't too shabby either. All this with a cuter-than-all-get-out Jack Lemmon.

These are my kind of digs. I love this 1960s eclecticism -- great art, great objets and fantastic furniture.

And check out the studio!

Love the way he's making hand gestures as he speaks, and the woman in the painting in the background has her hand to her mouth. It's as if they're the ones having a conversation.

Is it weird that I want this bachelor pad?

PS :: Going haunting with K tomorrow -- crossing fingers that we'll score some good stuff!

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