Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Looks pretty good --

Oh but those hushpuppies were dense! Like little breaded super bounce balls.

Kitty and I made a barbecue run on Saturday between haunts -- to Sweet Baby Ray's restaurant. They say their BBQ sauce is "the boss" -- and it is good if you like the red stuff (on chicken, I would say).

But I dragged Kitty out to try an Eastern NC style sandwich. Kitty was raised in Chicago, so this was exotic! And I was ready to give this Chicagoland sandwich a try.

Points for having the slaw on the sandwich when it arrived. I did have to add some extra sauce, to really get a good vinegar taste, but all in all, not a bad sandwich. I had been jonesing for this for two weeks, so I'm sure I am being generous, but happy to do so (before our visit, I was on the verge of calling Kings in Kinston). As I mentioned, the hushpuppies were hard and dense. And get this -- they charge $2.49 for four puppies. I sweet-talked them for gratis, though. Good thing, since they were not up to House-Autry snuff! And no sweet tea, of course.

I was happy to just have a little bit of sandwich to taste and review... worth the drive for this Chicago-southerner. Sweet Baby Ray's is serving Eastern NC style barbecue during the month of June, so check it out for yourself and share your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Now that summer weather is upon us I am soooo ready for a good ol' BBQ!! Great post! :)

EsseQuamVideri said...

We need an excursion to Fat Willy's MBM!