Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wilde Hats

I love these hats by Ryan Wilde!

Wearing a hat will almost always lead to loads of compliments, so it's curious that women don't wear them more often. Though truth be told, they do start to bother me after a bit... it's hard for me to forget that I have one on my head. But I like the look. With spring finally here in Chicago, everyone in the DAR chapter is looking for hats for the Spring Luncheon coming up... here's some great inspiration! Maybe I'll add a butterfly to one of my own hats for the event.

Ryan Wilde's hats are fab. They have enough going on to be different -- but they look wearable. Sometimes it's hard to pull off a great hat (particularly a vintage one) without looking like you're in costume. I tell myself, "Remember: confidence."

The image above is from The Cut's post on Ryan Wilde (she started at Chanel!). My fashion-forward friend K often points to The Cut -- good stuff! Check out their blog post on Ryan Wilde here.

PS :: I always wanted a name like "Wilde"... so many opportunities for double entendres!

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