Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo :: Chicago History Museum

It was a full-on fiesta at the Chicago History Museum last night! We celebrated Cinco de Mayo in style: kickin' Mariachis, perfect margaritas and homemade guacamole from Adobo Grill, and a tequila and chocolate pairing with truffles from my favorite place for chocolate: Vosges Haut Chocolat. We were treated to the Ancho Chili truffle from Vosges' Aztec collection -- very, very delicious -- and complex!

In addition to those kickin' Mariachis, we were also treated to Mexican 80s pop. As explained to me by the music's owner, "It's kind of like a Mexican Duran Duran or Bananarama, but definitely not like a Mexican Britney Spears."

Thank you very much, C, for inviting me! After the museum event, we ambled over to Adobo Grill for more guacamole, more margaritas, and tamales, enchiladas and ceviche. Delicioso.

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Stu Shea said...

muy delicioso!!!